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How To Prepare For Your
Cardiac PET Scan


  • Do not take any of the following medications 48 hours before your test: Aggrenox, Persantine, Theophylline, Theo-Dur, Dipyridamole, and Aminophylline. If in doubt, please consult with your referring physician.


  • Do not eat or drink anything that has caffeine, including coffee, tea, decaffeinated products, Excedrin, chocolate, cocoa, herbal teas, and soda for 24 hours before your exam. Caffeine will interfere with the results of the test and will result in your test being rescheduled if consumed. Drinking juice, Gatorade, and water are okay; drink plenty of fluids the morning the of test so you are well hydrated.


  • Do not eat or drink anything except water, juice and Gatorade.

DIABETIC PATIENTS ONLY: Hold diabetes medications until they can be taken with food and bring them with you to your appointment.


  • Do not wear lotions, oils or powders on your chest area. Do not wear perfumes or body sprays. Wear a comfortable twopiece outfit and do not wear jewelry the day of your test. Please make sure none of your undergarments have metal hooks, buttons, zippers or wires
  • Bring your Photo ID and Insurance Card(s)-we do not keep these on file from prior years and need them for identification purposes.
  • If you use an inhaler for asthma please bring it with you
  • Bring your medications (or a list of current medications) with you to your appointment.
  • Do not use any Nitroglycerin patches or long-acting oral Nitrates such as Isosorbide, Imdur, Isordil, Sorbitrate. Ismo, or Monoket.
  • Take all unrestricted medications as you normally would.
  • You will be lying on your back with your arms above your head for approximately 30 minutes-if you have any issues with this positioning, please contact us prior to your exam date.
  • This test cannot be done if you are pregnant. All females aged 50 and younger who haven’t had a hysterectomy or tubal ligation will be required to take a pregnancy test at our office the day of your test.
  • If you are claustrophobic or have a problem with being in a restricted environment for any length of time, please consult us prior to your appointment.

Any questions? Give us a call at 323-655-7610 and we would be happy to assist you.

How to Prepare for your
Cardiac PET Scan


There are numerous parking lots available. The most economical parking at the time of this information is located on WEST side of George Burns Rd. 

If the MAIN entrance, either 8631 or 8635 is CLOSED, you may gain access to the building by going to either the WEST or EAST parking structure and take the elevator to the 3rd floor.



View the following forms prior to your appointment:

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